Transcription services in Kansas City

Insurance Transcription

Let us help you combat fraud with our insurance transcription services.

In the insurance industry, recorded statements are a deterrent against insurance fraud. For this reason, it's important to have an accurate insurance transcription service that transforms dictations into transcripts in a streamlined and timely manner. Your insurance-related audio will be transcribed by our team of trained transcriptionists at a price that fits your budget, and stored in a secure online environment.

Insurance Transcription Pricing

Insurance transcription pricing starts at $0.99 per minute of material to be transcribed. Check our pricing page for more details.

Other Transcription Categories


Study notes, lectures, interviews, dissertations and meetings.


Digital files, audio tape and telephone recordings.


Meeting minutes, interviews, conference calls and letters.

Church & Religious

Weekly sermons, special programs, lessons and meeting notes.

Conference & Seminar

Events, keynotes, presentations and educational sessions.


Annual reports, corporate results, press releases and surveys.


Meetings, conferences, and focus groups.


Medical evaluations, claim meetings, case studies and reports.


Journalistic, job interviews, screenings and case studies.

Law Enforcement

Reports, IA, recorded evidence, and statements.


Trials, depositions, interviews and phone recordings.

Market Research

Focus groups, interviews, events and group discussion.


Chart notes, study results, medical evaluations and letters.


Meetings, conference calls, study results and presentations.


Audio blogs, interviews, reviews and talk shows.

Private Investigation

Recorded calls, interviews and other concealed recordings.


Captions, subtitles and timecoding for all video formats.